Yin & Yang (In Networking Times July-Aug Issue)

We met and fell in love in this wonderful profession five years ago. Secretly, we both had been looking for someone to share in this amazing life of Network Marketing. We tend to feed off each other’s enthusiasm all day long. When we get going, we are moving! There is nothing like the feeling of being one in all areas of our life. We have one vision and goal. The challenge of working the business as a couple is once we start, it’s hard to stop. Meaning, how do we flip the switch from work mode to romance?

Our solution to balance is weekly date night and Sundays off. We do something fun. It has to be something that has absolutely nothing to do with the business. We do things from sporting events, barbeques, church events, the beach, concerts, shopping, walks to you name it. That means no answering calls, no emails, no computer and no cell phone. Yes! You will survive. It gives us the opportunity to recharge our batteries and it reminds us again of why we are building a network in the first place. What we found is that we come back stronger, rejuvenated and rearing to work for the week. When we brush off date night or forget to take Sundays off, we are well….flat out a mess and unbalanced! We would find ourselves picking silly fights, irritable, easily frustrated at petty things; instead of enjoying the privilege of working with each other!

An amazing benefit of working as a couple is we bring unique gifts, talents and skill sets to the table. Sarah has a way of taking the complicated and making it simple. Her sense of humor breaks down people’s barriers and gives them hope that they too can become the best they can be. Tony has a magnetic ability to move people out of their comfort zone and into action. His zest for life is contagious. We celebrate each other’s differences. We do not try to mold each other into what we think the other should do or be. We both play vital roles and appreciate each other for it. We are like peanut butter and jelly. Both are just as important to make a great PB & J!

In our family life, we know it will be just the same. Having the ability to raise children together from our home is a huge advantage in this profession. Sarah will still be part of the nucleus of our business but, our children will now take first priority. Even though we do not have children yet, we envision traveling with them to see our team around the world. We have the luxury of taking our children and the business with us wherever we go!

When we actually step outside of our business, we know we have something special. In all the growing together, the stretching, the ebbs and flows; we are so grateful. Just like today and many days, we stand together, we pinch ourselves, give thanks for each other and the gift of Network Marketing.