What Others are Saying About Sarah:


The first time I met Sarah, I was mesmerized by her beautiful pureness, overflowing enthusiasm & willingness to help in any way she can. Hearing her speak live is heartwarming as she speaks straight from her heart to mine; it’s amazing how she moves people by being herself, without pretenses or airs – especially for someone so accomplished. I respect her deeply and she is an inspiration to me, as I’m sure she is too to thousands of others in our global organization. Thank you Sarah, just for shining & showing us that we can too!

Jamie L.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It’s not the size, it’s not the gender, and it’s not the age that matters when one is looking for a mentor that you can believe in. What matters is that the person you choose to follow, walks-the-walk and talks-the-talk and leads by example. When you follow someone that you respect and want to duplicate it’s not the “I want what she’s having” line from the When Harry met Sally movie, rather, it’s “if I want what she’s having, I better do what she’s doing” mentality. You need someone who inspires you to the heights you didn’t believe were possible yourself. That is why the tiny, young thirty-something female powerhouse known as Sarah Zolecki is my mentor and the person I truly identify as my “genshai”.

Thanks for all you do as a truly humble leader while you inspire, educate and teach those who choose to follow.
Jillian M.
San Diego, CA


Sarah Zolecki is the real deal! She is an authentic and inspiring leader She is fueled by a passion for helping others fulfill their dreams. What is most impressive about Sarah is that she actively practices the principles that she teaches. It is her ability to “toe the line” in her own life that allows her to lead by example.

Marvin T.
Long Branch, New Jersey


Sarah embodies all the characteristics of a true leader. She is a charismatic and articulate speaker and has a genuine passion for helping others, but first and foremost, she has a good heart and is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

Shira A.
Los Angeles, CA


I  have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for a few years.  Her passion and love for what she does and for everyone she comes in contact with is a true testament to who she really is.  She has definitely been an inspiration for me, personally, over the years.  She’s a leader that not only talks the talk, but definitely walks the walk .  For anyone out there who also calls her a friend, you know what I mean.

Margaux T
Fredricton, NB

Sarah Zolecki is not only an amazing friend, but an amazing mentor as well. Her constant communication keeps me on track and focused daily.

She truly knows how to Inspire others to accomplish their goals. She has made a HUGE positive impact in my life. I highly recommend her as a coach for anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

Ruby A.
Los Angeles, CA


I was taught very early in life that for someone to achieve all they can possibly achieve, having a coach and or mentor was not an option it was a MUST.  Someone who encourages the development of your gifts while seeking to protect you from costly mistakes through teaching, listening, and leading.  A person who admires and delights in you because they recognize your value and un-tapped potential.  An individual whose life demonstrates their deep passion and conviction for adding value to others.  No one exemplifies these characteristics more than Sarah Zolecki.  Her commitment to living life out in front has not only challenged me but brought tremendous value to my life.

Jake H.
Meridan, ID