One Day In June…..

We all have a hand full of dates that are literally branded on our hearts.

One of my big ones….June 25, 2004.

Eric Worre- I am so grateful for you. You cared enough about me to invite me to this event and I don’t think you really knew that this day would impact my life forever.

I was at the Minneapolis Convention Center with one of my best friends…my mom. Here I was sitting front and center; when a man by the name of Jim Rohn walked across the stage. The auditorium erupted! I was excited and I didn’t even know why yet. I can go back to that day in 2 seconds in my brain. It was the first and only time I would see Jim Rohn live. Over the last week, I have thought about this event over and over again. How else can I say this? Jim Rohn rocked my world! He took all my disempowering beliefs, my fears, my bad habits and helped me throw them out the window for good.

Before this event, I had never really worked diligently on becoming the best I could be. He said so many things that day that have had massive ripples on my life. I remember not being able to write fast enough and writing things down that I didn’t quite understand at the time. I knew those words meant something and I didn’t want to miss anything. I remember glancing over at my mom several times and we didn’t say a word. We knew; my life from here on out would never look the same.

Half way through his talk he stopped and paused. (I see this part like a movie playing back in head.) He looks right at me front and center and spoke these words. “You might think of yourself pretty ordinary right now, but what would happen if you moved your life up just one notch? Remember – the distance between ordinary and extraordinary is not that great, but the resulting difference in your life when you make that leap could be far greater than you could even imagine.” Right there, I made a choice to change my philosophy. I didn’t care what it took, I was going to one day be extraordinary! After that day, I devoured his books, his lessons and his attitude on life. I worked harder on myself than anything I had ever done before. Even now, 6 years later I go through my Jim Rohn withdrawals. I take 2 weeks and re-read and listen to everything I have of his material. I never had the chance to meet Jim Rohn. I like most of you felt like he was a long time friend of ours. Just like my friend Randy Gage said a few days ago, Jim Rohn wouldn’t want us to be sad. He would want us to BE GREAT! So, today I make another choice….TO BE GREAT!