If you don’t have a Business Mentor….YOU NEED ONE!

Why? Our entire lives we have had mentors. If we played sports,performed, played a musical instrument,excelled at something; we had a mentor. When it comes to building your business; Who’s your mentor?

I have found over the last 15 years if I wouldn’t have had a mentor; I would have done one thing…Hid Out! Holding yourself accountable does not work! You need someone to guide, support, empower,teach and hold you accountable to produce results.

Are you ready to become extraordinary? A woman of influence?

If you answer YES to following below, than I look forward to speaking with you!

  • want focused, personalized mentoring on current issues in your business
  • are enthusiastic
  • welcome accountability
  • are open to new ideas no matter how different they may seem
  • are open to exploration of options (no one-track minds!)
  • ready to take action
  • are honest and operate your business with authenticity and integrity
  • work your business consistently every day/week


It’s been said that “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Because YOU, my good friend, Sarah, care so much about helping others, your own success has been an inevitable process.  Anyone working with you will always get the truth, the best advice for their todays, and will learn how to transition their past into lessons to learn from…so their tomorrows build a stellar future.  Your ability to communicate and pull the best out in others is what sets you apart from so many other ‘mentors and coaches’.  You don’t make it about YOU (and I love that!); your thoughtfulness and servant leadership is what creates so much success around you for those who are sincere in changing their lives.
Tara Paustenbach Austin, TX

Sarah only works with a select number of clients each month to dramatically increase their sales and multiply their team. 

Private Mentoring Program Options


Group Mentoring

  • 10 or more
  • We meet a total of four times on Sarah’s teleseminar line – once every 2 weeks
  • The team leader chooses four different topics from a list Sarah provides.
  • Recordings of each class are included in cost.  Great for those who cannot attend live but wish to participate.

Contact 888-689-6754 for details.