Happy Birthday Everyday?

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up to all the beautiful comments, kind words, well wishes and celebrations we get when it is a birthday. Let me tell you, anyone that says it doesn’t matter is brain dead. It feels wonderful and your heart is so full.

Half way through the day, I started thinking about how people really treat each other on a everyday basis. Do people say those things to each other when it isn’t their birthday? I know many times we think those comments,words and wishes but, do we say them? I think about in my life, how many times it has meant the world when someone said something beautiful into my life.

Here’s what came to me. What if we acted like everyday was their birthday? And I truly focused on celebrating people whether it be big or small on every level everyday. Choosing to pour LIFE into someone, everyone that comes in my path that very day. What if we all did that together?

Let’s be that person that celebrates not tolerates others!

PS: Happy Birthday Today. You are beautiful and you make my life better by being in it:)