Breaking Through!!

As I am writing my very first post, I am laughing out loud to myself. For those of you that have seen Julia and Julia, you know what I mean! This has taken me months to finally sit down and take action. It’s always the first time that scares us all. Can I do really do it? What if I look silly? What if people are like pleeeease?! What are people going to think? And, yes…I have thought about all those thoughts over the last couple months. So, now that I am writing, I think…it’s not so bad! I actually am starting to like writing! Wow- I am feeling liberated! I don’t care what people think anymore….

Guess what? That is how so many of us feel when we get into Network Marketing. The day we say yes to this remarkable profession; all these emotions come flooding through us. Can I really build a successful business? Can I really be like so and so one day? I want to tell my friends, colleagues and family about it but, what if I look and sound silly? What if people say those things never work?

The truth of it is…none of that really matters…It’s about us. You and I breaking through and doing things we never thought we would. Just like me writing…I never thought I would be writing this but, here I am and I am breaking through!

One of the best principles I have learned over the last decade of this profession is this……

GET CAUGHT UP IN PROCESS not the results!

What does that mean for us? That in the beginning we are not going to be perfect! Not even close…Even as I am writing this, there are misspellings, poor grammar, and fragmented sentences. I know that and I am ok with that. I realize that I will get better. I once heard that you have to be bad before you get better! So- let’s be bad together! Here’s to us moving upward and onward!