Become You Membership

Become You Membership

Exclusive – Listen in on a recording of one of Sarah’s recent Live Calls

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Sarah Zolecki created the Become You Club, for all levels of people building a Network Marketing business… and those who are ready to make the leap to becoming you.

This is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Sarah and her teachings at a very affordable rate – just $19.97 a month!

Million Dollar Mentoring for less than 77 cents a day.

Once a month, you’ll be on the phone with Sarah and special expert guests, as they cover MLM sales, marketing and success topics designed to grow your business and revenues.

** Each month with your Become You Membership you will be able to attend our monthly training call, as well as be able to download an audio replay of the call to replay on your computer or portable media player.

** You will also have access to a monthly training Video done by Sarah Zolecki as well as have access to this video for  you to view over and over again.

Check out these topics:

  • Prospecting and Persuasion
  • Managing Expecations
  • The art of closing
  • Starting distributors correctly
  • The power of focus
  • Things to Avoid
  • How to build Rapport
  • Overcoming objections
  • Time Management
  • Using Systems
  • Art of Storytelling
You will be included in many special perks, announcements, extended specials and every training download that Sarah does every month.

Professional Selling Skills, Sales & Marketing Tips

  • Marketing Skills = Master your stories
  • Recruiting Techniques = Find More Recruits
  • Presentation Skills = Spruce Up Your Presentation
  • Sales Tips = Increase Sales
  • Professional Marketing Techniques

Sales Training Calls & Training Video Every Month!

  • Become You gives you access to both.
  • You download the calls whenever you want.
  • Don’t worry about being home or in your office on Wednesday nights.
  • You also receive all the special private trainings and interviews that Sarah does!
  • Become You members are guaranteed 12 monthly  1 hour conference calls per year along with Training Video
  • Monthly Conference calls include LIVE Q & A.
  • Each Training Video will also be 1 hour in length. 12 different topics!!

“Yes, Sarah, I’d like to subscribe to the “Be You Membership” for just $19.97 a month!”

Million Dollar Mentoring for less than 77 cents a day.

I understand for that low investment I’ll enjoy monthly phone calls with a Q&A session as well as a monthly training video, where I will learn marketing and success topics designed to grow my business—and income. I’ll also receive access to digital recording and download of each call and video, so I won’t have to be concerned with schedule conflicts.

I understand if I’d like to cancel anytime, I can simply let you know via phone or email, and future charges will be immediately canceled.

You can be assured this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.